The Cooking Cosy idea was forged from a happy accident as a result of disorganisation and basic laws of absorption. 

A badly timed dinner preparation had to be abandoned midstream. On returning half an hour later, the spiral pasta had become huge after absorbing the hot water in the pan it had been left in and was now trying to escape from. The fact that the pasta was now cold and grossly overcooked caused great annoyance but also a glimmer of curiosity about its ability to cook with the ring turned off and without the dreaded sticking together even though it had been left unattended. 

The mind boggled with the inherent environmentally friendly, energy-saving possibilities and thoughts of freedom from the frantic juggling of steaming pots over a hot stove.  And what better way to speed up this natural process than to keep the heat in as much as possible using nature’s great insulator, wool, to create what eventually became the Cooking Cosy. As the scope of food that you could use it to cook became apparent, it was obvious that you would no longer need to worry about not having enough cooker rings; a big bonus when camping, in shared accommodation or a tiny house.  Also, as to the question of whether you could leave things cooking away while you went off and did whatever you liked, the answer was a resounding yes!

We have been taking part in the Cooking Cosy human trials for some years now and have happily lived to tell the tale.